Five Injured after Multiple Vehicles Collide on I-70

Snow and ice once again contributed a number of accidents in early January in the Mid-Missouri area. The Columbia Daily Tribune reported that five people were injured in a four-vehicle crash on I-70 near Columbia on January 5.  The accident blocked both lanes of eastbound I-70 near mile marker 122. The collision caused one of the vehicles to roll over. While the injuries were not reported to be serious, three of the victims were sent to University Hospital following the accident.

In addition to the four-car collision, Missouri State Highway Patrol reported an additional single-car accident early that morning. Despite the freezing temperatures and snowfall, Columbia’s main roads were quickly cleaned up, and were safely navigable for most of the day, according to the Columbia Missourian. With winter weather upon us, Bley & Evans Trial Attorneys offers tips on how to drive safely in snow and ice.  If you are involved in a crash, take these steps and call our office at (844) 625-7315 for assistance in handling your Missouri motor vehicle accident claim.



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