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Missouri Product Liability LawyerWhen we make a purchase, we trust that no manufacturer would release a product unless it is safe. However, experience has taught too many consumers that this is not always true. Each year, thousands of children and adults are hurt by unsafe products such as defective toys, dangerous furnishings, contaminated foods and faulty automobile parts.

Examples of Defective and Dangerous Products

Each year, hundreds of defective products are recalled due to safety concerns. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, recalls of defective products costs companies over $700 billion each year. Sometimes issues are caught early. In other cases, it takes consumer injuries to reveal product flaws that render these products unsafe. In most cases, recalls are voluntary. It is only in extreme cases, referred to as Class I recalls, that a product recall is mandatory. Because of the self-regulating nature of the process, it is possible that many defective items can be released into the public before an issue is caught and dealt with. And, even in these cases, many of the items still remain in use.

Common defects include:

  • Car defects, such as unsafe tires that fail at high speeds, cars with high centers of gravity that are more prone to flipping, brakes that are not effective, and seatbelts or airbags that fail to protect in the event of a crash.
  • Food contaminated with unlisted allergens or with microbes that can make consumers ill.
  • Toys that include unsafe materials such as lead or that have small pieces that are choking hazards for young children.
  • Car seats that do not provide adequate protection in a crash, leaving children vulnerable to injury.
  • Cribs that have spaces where children can get caught and injured.
  • Furniture that easily becomes unbalanced and could fall on small children.

It is a manufacturer’s legal duty to offer only products that, when used in a normal and expected fashion, will not cause consumers harm. Manufacturers who fail in this duty must be held accountable for the damage that they cause. When a person is injured because of a faulty product, they can have losses that include lost wages, medical bills, rehabilitation and pain and suffering. In some cases, punitive damages are considered appropriate, as well.

Products can be defective because of flaws in design. In these cases, every item produced will have the same flaws, leaving a large number of consumers in danger.

In other cases, there is a flaw in the manufacturing process that means that the resulting products are defective. In these cases, only some products may be defective.

In still other cases, there is a failure to warn consumers of a potential hazard. This can occur when a product that contains allergens, such as peanuts, does not have labeling to alert consumers to that fact. Items such as irons, adhesives and others are usually required to carry labels that warn of dangers with incorrect use.

Our attorneys have experience handling a broad range of product liability cases that include consumer products, industrial equipment, construction materials, automobiles and trucks, car seats, dangerous children’s toys and others.

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