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What is Personal Injury Law?

Columbia Missouri Personal Injury LawyersThe basic premise of Personal Injury Law, otherwise known as tort law, is that it allows an injured person to go to a civil court to seek legal remedy for losses that stem from an incident (accidental or otherwise.) The personal injury system allows an injured party to receive financial compensation for suffering due to someone else’s negligence or intentional conduct.

Common Types of Personal Injury Lawsuits

There are many, many different types of personal injury lawsuits possible. However, most of the common types fall into a few categories. We’ll discuss several of the cases that come up most often in the personal injury court.

  • Vehicle Accident – If you are a victim of a non-fault accident, someone else may be responsible for your medical bills and other expenses. These cases can be complex, so it is important to have someone with experience on your side.
  • Premises Liability (Slip-and-Fall) – The “slip-and-fall” case is the textbook personal injury case. However, it can include any injury received on the premises of a business, or even a home.
  • Wrongful Death – If someone you love dies, and they shouldn’t have, a wrongful death lawsuit may be appropriate.
  • Nursing Home Negligence – Nursing homes should be safe and secure places where your loved one is taken care of by kind individuals. Unfortunately, there are bad nursing homes out there. If you encounter one of these facilities, filing suit could be an appropriate recourse.
  • Workplace Accidents – Accidents that occur at the workplace require special attention. These lawsuits have to be handled with care, and a qualified lawyer needs to investigate the situation.
  • Product Liablity – When a faulty or defective product causes an injury, this is called product liability. At times, an accident involving product liability may lead to a personal injury lawsuit also.

Who Can File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you or someone you care about has been injured or killed in an incident and you believe another person or company’s negligence or intentional action caused the injury, you might be able to seek compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. Discussing the incident with a lawyer will help you determine if the law is on your side.

What Can You Expect If You Contact Bley & Evans with Your Personal Injury Case?

One of our lawyers will sit down with you to discuss the details of the incident. We want to hear every single detail. You will be treated with the utmost respect. Then, and only then, will we help you decide if filing a lawsuit is the right move for you. Unlike the insurance firms, our lawyers always have your best interests at heart, and we will do what it takes to make sure you get the best results possible.

Columbia Missouri Personal Injury AttorneysIf you, or someone you know, has been involved in a case involving personal injury, contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible. There may be a statute of limitations or other deadline involved in filing a claim. Also, your lawyer will be able to give you the best representation possible when he or she gets involved with the case early on. If you have questions or would like to discuss your case with an expert, contact us at Bley & Evans Trial Attorneys today by calling 844-625-7315. We look forward to working with you.

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