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Missouri Truck Accident LawyersLarge trucks, defined as any medium or heavy truck with a weight over 10,000 pounds, are involved in a large number of accidents every year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that, in the most recent year they have records for, approximately 110,000 people were injured in accidents with large trucks and over 3,900 people died.

In truck accidents, occupants of other vehicles or pedestrians by the road are the ones who are most likely to be injured. Because of a truck’s enormous size compared to most passenger cars, it is not surprising that accidents with these vehicles are usually quite serious and quite costly.

Trucking Risks on the Road

These vehicles can be far more dangerous in an accident than regular passenger cars. Being on the road with big trucks can be dangerous in a number of ways:

  • Big differences in size. A small car is no match for an 18-wheeler or another large truck. If they collide, the car and its passengers inside are going to take most of the damage.
  • Large payloads. A truck that is fully loaded can weigh 80,000 pounds or more. Multiple trailers make large vehicles more difficult to operate and more prone to dangerous mistakes.
  • Driver fatigue. Professional drivers are under strong pressure to make long hauls in short periods of time. This sort of schedule can mean that they are working on less than adequate sleep.
  • Lack of training. The trucking industry has 92% turnover every year. This means that many of the drivers you see on the road are new to the job. Training programs rush new drivers into the job, which can mean that some of the drivers you encounter do not have the skills necessary to operate these large vehicles safely.
  • Other poor driver behavior. Driver-related factors that include illness, abuse of illegal drugs, consumption of alcohol or the use of over-the-counter medications are the top causes of driver-related accidents. Distracted driving and driver inattention, which includes texting or using other electronic devices, is also a common cause of driver-related truck accidents in Missouri and elsewhere.

When a trucker is in an accident, the first thing he is told to do is to contact the company he is contracting for. This is because they have insurance companies and lawyers working on their side to minimize liability and keep their costs low. These professionals have a great deal of experience handling truck accidents and are working on behalf of the driver and the company he works for.

An individual who is injured in an accident with a truck needs aggressive and compassionate lawyers working on their side. If you are in an accident with a commercial truck, it is imperative that you not sign anything before consulting with a lawyer.

A skilled and experienced attorney can help you understand the trucking company’s offer and help you make the right decisions.

If necessary, truck accident cases can be litigated to ensure that your rights are protected. After an accident, there may be expenses from time lost at work, medical bills and pain and suffering. By ensuring that you have strong representation, you can be more secure that you will get all of the compensation that you are legally entitled to.

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