Missouri Highway Accident Attorneys

On highways, where speed limits are typically 60 mph or greater, any accident that occurs is likely to result in significant property damage and injuries. When drivers exceed the posted speed limit, they raise the risk of causing a serious or fatal crash – in 2015, speeding was a factor in 27 percent of all fatal vehicle crashes.

On Missouri’s Interstate 70 and U.S. Route 63, speeding is just one of many factors in most crashes. Some type of driver error is usually to blame, as well. Common driving errors include:

  • Following too closely (tailgating)
  • Distraction
  • Traveling too fast for road conditions
  • Overcorrecting while steering
  • Unexplained lane departure.

If you’ve been injured in a highway crash, you may be entitled to compensation that can help cover damage to your vehicle, medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Bley & Evans has successfully represented personal injury victims in and around Columbia, helping them get the settlement they deserve.

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Wrong-Way Crash Attorneys

One of the most devastating types of highway crashes is a wrong-way collision. Often, these crashes occur because a driver mistakes a freeway exit ramp for an on-ramp and enters the road going the wrong direction.

A health or vision problem could interfere with a driver’s ability to see the “Wrong Way” and “Do Not Enter” signs that line freeway exit ramps, but alcohol and drug impairment are more common causes of wrong-way crashes.

In January, a wrong-way crash in Cooper County sent two drivers to Columbia’s University Hospital for treatment of their injuries. The crash occurred on I-70 westbound, when a man driving the wrong way collided with another vehicle. While in the hospital, the driver who caused the crash was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, driving the wrong direction, driving without insurance, using another person’s vehicle registration, and not wearing a seat belt.

In October 2016, felony assault charges were filed against a Jefferson City driver who, in August, had deliberately driven the wrong way on U.S. Route 63 in an effort to end his own life.

The man and his passenger were injured in a head-on collision with another vehicle, and the driver of the other car suffered severe injuries. ABC News 17 reported the driver who caused the crash had been arrested in May 2016 for driving while intoxicated. At the time of that arrest, his blood alcohol level had not been above the legal limit, but he admitted he had taken several prescription pills that night.

Icy Roads & Speed: A Dangerous Combination

In Central Missouri, winter weather often leads to icy roads. Most drivers know that when roads are slick, it’s important to slow down, pay attention, and follow at a safe distance. Drivers who fail to exercise caution may be putting other drivers in danger.

On Jan. 11, the Missouri Department of Transportation advised motorists to avoid travel Jan. 12 through 15, due to accumulating freezing rain and ice. Nevertheless, many drivers were on the roads during that time, and state troopers recorded 69 crashes in a four-day period. Many of those crashes involved drivers traveling too fast for road conditions, such as one in which a driver traveling on I-70 westbound near Florissant Road lost control of his car on the ice and struck another vehicle. The driver – who had no insurance – and his three passengers were taken to area hospitals for treatment of their injuries.

Official Efforts to Prevent Crashes

After identifying some stretches of highway that had a high crash rate, MoDOT decided to lower the speed limit in an effort to reduce crashes. In 2013, it lowered the speed limit from 65 mph to 60 mph on U.S. 63, between Vienna and the State Route 28 junction. It also lowered the speed limit from 70 mph to 60 mph on I-70, from the U.S. 63/I-70 connector to the Lake of the Woods/St. Charles Road interchange. (Between 2009 and 2013, four fatal crashes occurred on that stretch.)

“Missouri’s Blueprint – A Partnership Toward Zero Deaths” is an ongoing effort to reduce vehicle crash deaths in the state. In previous versions of the blueprint, the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety had set a goal of reducing roadway fatalities to fewer than 700 in 2016. Unfortunately, Missouri State Highway Patrol recorded 941 vehicle-crash fatalities last year.

Strategies for reducing the incidence of highway crashes may include increased enforcement efforts, road design modifications, and vehicle crash-prevention technology. Above all, drivers must be responsible and not engage in behaviors that endanger other motorists.

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